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    It is a good thing to own a vehicle of any size and shape. You can run your errands quickly and effectively and that’s great. Unfortunately, having a truck or another automobile means that you have to maintain and repair it often to boost engine performance and horsepower. While you can ignore exterior and interior renovations until you get money, you cannot ignore your auto’s engine performance. Then engine and all the parts it controls should always run smoothly and correctly, including the spark plugs.

    If they are faulty, your car could refuse to start or it may start and then turn itself off without a warning. To stay abreast of these issues, read our scanneranswers guide to replacing spark plugs. After doing so, you will buy the right spark plugs and replace them by yourself. Our guide will teach you everything you should know about plugs. This includes what they are, the work they do and how to know when they are faulty. If you want to recognize faulty plugs, look for the following problems.

    • Idling noises – Your truck should produce smooth and continuous sounds when idling. Vibrations mean the spark plugs have issues.
    • Starting difficulties – If you have noted that your auto does not start within the first or second try, have the spark plugs checked.
    • Cylinder heads’ malfunction – If the spark plugs are worn out, chances are that your cylinder heads will run abnormally. So your car may fail even after running smoothly.
    • Fuel mileage issues – Deteriorating spark plugs are the main cause of fuel consumption issues. If you notice that your car’s fuel consumption rate has improved after a spark plug swap, the plugs were defective.
    • Irregular jerks and failure – A car that starts and stops all of a sudden isn’t necessarily faulty. The spark plugs could be damaged.
    • Vehicle cannot accelerate – A dragging vehicle has an acceleration issue caused by damaged spark plugs. If they aren’t damaged, they are probably too dirty and need urgent cleaning. If you ignore this problem, your car will end up damaged or causing an abrupt accident.

    If you read our scanneranswers guide to replacing spark plugs today, you will realize that when you alter spark plugs, your auto will perform much better. Its fuel economy will be improved while the auto’s horsepower will be better off. Another thing you will discover when you read your guide is that there are different sorts of plugs. For instance you can purchase iridium, copper or platinum spark plugs. Each of these has its own pros and cons and we have enumerated them. Moreover, we have discussed the products we have tested and proven their levels of efficiency. So when you visit our scanneranswers.com website, you will have an easier time selecting the best spark plug for you.

    One of our best spark plugs is Denso. It uses a TT (twin tip) technology that ensures less obstruction for sparks. If you opt for these, your vehicle will experience fewer misfires. As well, your vehicle becomes more fuel efficient due to this technology and releases less CO2 emissions. Although Denso plugs are cheaper than products from other companies, they are more efficient and reliable. If you prefer iridium spark plugs, we would suggest the NGK Iridium IX products.

    These are more long-lasting than any other plugs on the market and that’s why they are pricier. These have complex inner wiring that makes them require a small amount of voltage to do their work. Their ground electrodes have a double layer of iridium and so they feature a very strong craftsmanship. Besides, they have ribbed insulation grooves that improve insulation in the chambers. In case you want platinum spark plugs, go to the scanneranswers guide to replacing spark plugs and read it well.

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