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    If you are captivated by fishing, having correct and adequate tackle is a must. A fishing reel makes an imperative part of your tackle and you cannot do without. It is important no matter where you would go fishing or the kind of species you like catching. There are top fishing reels on the market and picking one of these demands a lot of caution and knowledge. We are here to make sure you get what you deserve. We understand how confusing it is to choose a great reel among hundreds of others online. That’s why we want you to visit scanneranswers.com today. We have an excellent guide that you can read and make the right purchase decision.

    You should aim higher than picking a fishing reel that is suitable for your fishing endeavors. In fact, you should select a type that can withstand weather elements and last longer. The first consideration should be where you plan to catch fish from. Will it a freshwater or a saltwater lake, sea or ocean? If you will catch freshwater fish, the best fishing reel for you will be lightweight, smaller, handy and durable.

    In case you want saltwater fishing adventures, you will need a fishing reel with special coating to prevent salt damage and corrosion. Compared to freshwater reels, the saltwater ones require more line on them. So they are usually larger and heavier that their counterparts. Because of their mode of construction, the saltwater top fishing reels produce more heat and friction when in use.


    Several types of reels exist – spincast reels, spinning reels, fly reels and others. Open faced reel like the spinning reel is so preferred. There are countless fishermen who have it. This kind has more uses than just the basic one. It tends to be more versatile as it can cover several different fishing scenarios. Spinning reels can be used to catch different fish species as well. That’s why it is so commonly bought. The close faced reel, also spincast reel, is less common than the spinning reel. To help you buy the right reel for you, we have listed a couple of products we have tested. They include the following.

    Daiwa Tatula R100SX – This is a baitcast reel with rugged design and an idiot-proof style of using. If you are looking to have unequaled casting experience, choose Tatula R100SX today. It has a T-Wing component that simplifies casting. Additionally, its air rotation system causes easy winding and slick operation and the product boasts a high drag pressure. With its body and frame boasting the best craftsmanship, the product is perfect for its current price. This reel is ideal for most types of fishermen.

    Shimano Stradic FK spinning reel – This is a common type of open faced reel that most fishermen love using. Made by Stradic, this spinning reel runs smoothly. Boasting six ball bearings, a reversible crack and X-Ship gear technology, the Shimano Stradic is really lightweight, long-lasting and dependable.

    Zebco Omega ZO3PRO spincast reel – This reel is popular because of its ease of use. It can be bought by beginners or parents who want to introduce their kids to fishing. The item can also be great for expert fishermen, as it is the best close faced reel on the market. A 7-ball bearing spincast reel, ZO3PRO comes with ceramic line guides and three times positive pickup system. Additionally, it comes with a triple-cam multi-drag system and its reversible build enables the user to use either their left or right hand. It boosts great casting performance too.

    To find out the other types of reels we have picked up for you, give us a call today. We also have a long guide about our top fishing reels. Ensure that you carefully read it and ask us any questions you might have.

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