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    Criminal lawyer also called defense lawyer or public defender is a person, entity or organization that defends people who are facing criminal charges. Criminal lawyer will handle diverse spectrum of the criminal cases and they range from sex crimes, domestic violence crimes and drug crimes or people who drive under influence of the DUI, fraud, embezzlement and theft.  When you talk to a criminal defense attorney, he will offer insight of daily practice and career path of a lawyer.

    As all lawyers, a criminal lawyer has to get a law degree and should pass a bar examination in a state where he wants to practice.  There are criminal lawyers who will be given a special certification.

    Criminal lawyers will represent the defendants who face criminal charges in the state, appellate and federal courts.  The scope of their practice will include the bail bond hearing, trail, revocation hearings and plea bargains. They can also deal with post-conviction remedies or appeals.  The job functions of the lawyer such as these found at http://jagvirklawyers.com/ is to investigate your case and to interview the witnesses. They research crime codes, statutes, procedural law and case law. They build the defense and they develop the case strategy.  They negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution while they can bargain to get less charge. They argue motions, they file and they make draft to dismiss the motions.  They advocate for defendant during the trail and they can argue, file or draft the appeals.

    Criminal lawyers have in-depth knowledge for court procedures, local, federal and state rules.  The excellent interpersonal skill is important in building strong client and attorney relationship. Criminal defendant is finicky group and sometime the clients will have to pass through many lawyers before they decide to settle on only one lawyer. This is why criminal lawyers should be able to attract and to retain the clients in order to have a good defense practice.

    The criminal lawyers do work alone or they may work in the private practice. There are some who work for a non-profit agency or for a government like public defenders. Criminal lawyers like http://jagvirklawyers.com/, they spend time outside of the house at the courthouse, hospital and prisons or on other venues.

    Many criminal lawyers do maintain the local practice but these that have a national practice; they may have to move regularly.  The salary of the lawyer will depend on the scope and size of his practice.  They have the clientele that serve geographic location of a firm. Public defender will be paid less.  The Criminal lawyers that are employed in a law firm, they can earn highest salaries while criminal attorney may earn six figures. Highest paid criminal lawyer represent high profile and wealthy defendant who may be in a high stake case.  Most of the time, the criminal lawyer will start the career like a public defendant or a prosecutor. A public defender is an attorney who has been appointed by a court and he represents defendant who are not able to pay for their lawyers. Moot court or Mock trial in the law school is important and it allows the attorney to develop skills in oral advocacy.

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